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Cheap A4 Paper from Office5Star

At Office 5 Star cheap a4 paper means you will get a quality paper at a cheap price.

All too often on the internet faceless companies offer low quality paper at a cheap price – sometimes you do get what you pay for unfortunately.

All our A4 Papers at Office 5 Star are tried and tested in office environments giving you the benefit of knowing that whether you choose a very cheap a4 paper or a more expensive one, the quality will be assured.

Big brand names like Xerox, Canon, HP, 5 Star Office, Conqueror, Q-Connect with emerging eco brands such as Woodland Trust, Navigator and Evolution you won’t be short of choice.

Visit our website to browse the range of Cheap A4 Paper or contact one of our friendly team on Tel 01594 810081 for further information.

Free Delivery for local* orders over £30+vat and national orders over £50+vat

* Gloucestershire – Monmouthshire – Herefordshire – Bristol – Newport – Gwent


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Type iir FRSM Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks

Prices on the type iir FRSM 3 Ply Face Masks have thankfully reduced humongously and are now at a very cheap affordable price making face protection from Covid 19 more accessible and affordable.

Many of our customers have asked us does the type iir mask provide better protection the the N95? This choice is down to interpretation of the information available but one thing is sure the iir mask provide a low cost disposable mask that provides at least 95% protection filtration and now only from £5.95 a box of 50 thats around 12p a mask which is well worth anyone’s money.

Delivery is free on our Fluid-Resistant (Type IIR) Surgical Face Masks (FRSM) Blue Protective Disposable 3 Ply Medical EN14683 Certified even to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands.

Buy type iir masks online now at www.office5star.co.uk

Read further information  type iir mask vs n95

Tel 01594 810081




Save over 40% on Duracell Procell Professional Batteries !

If you haven’t tried them before then give them ago now.

Made by Duracell and used by Government, Businesses and Professionals, certainly a battery you can rely on.

Buy online now at www.office5star.co.uk

Tel 01594 810081