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Steristik comes in a range of either Antivirus or Antimicrobial self adhesive covers, tape or door pushes and can be bespoke printed with your company logo.

Steristick Antimicrobial Clear Protective Self Adhesive Sticky Back Plastic Film will cover all office, restaurant, school, care home, NHS, beauty, hospitality, public sector, retail, transportation and leisure hard surfaces killing bacteria and viruses on the surfaces it is applied to which protects people from spreading germs between each other throughout the entire day.

Ideal for sticking on high touch point surfaces in any environment.

It proactively kills viruses and bacteria to prevent the spread of germs between people coming into contact with the same surfaces throughout the day!

Silver ion technology used in SteriStik® is also used in other familiar products to eradicate viruses and bacteria as well as the spread of germs.

Just apply the filt to the required surface to help protect you, your workforce and customers.

Lasts for minimum of 4 months

Larger areas can prove difficult but Steristik uses the very best adhesive and can be re-positioned up to 60 times if you find you have bubbles in it!

Suitable for covering large or small surfaces such as desks, meeting room tables, kitchen worktops, door handles and more, the SteriStik Antimicrobial protective covering is a polypropylene film with silver ions and is backed with removable adhesive for self-installation.

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Antimirobial Range Steristik killing Bacteria

Independently test and confirmed as antimicobial killing 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours.  As well as other harmful bacteria it kills MRSA, Salmonella, E Coli, Straphylococcus aureus. Proactively cleans its own surfaces 24/7.


Available in 4 different sizes:

33cm x 25M wide roll Steristik – Buy Online

7.5cm x 25M narrow roll Steristik – Buy Online

22.5cm x 7.5cm Small Door Push Stickers – Buy Online

48cm x 12cm Large Door Push Stickers – Buy Online


Anitvirus Range Steristik killing Bacterial and Viruses

Independantly laboratory tested against the ISO 21702 protocol. Confirmed as antiviral / virucidal against Human Coronavirus. Zero cytotoxicity detected in laboratory testing.  Surface covers are available in both clear and white.  Door pushes are available in white. Protectively cleans its own surface 24/7.


33cm x 25M roll Steristik – Contact us for best price today

7.5cm x 25M roll Steristik – Contact us for best price today

22.5cm x 7.5cm Door Push Stickers – Contact us for best price today

48cm x 12cm Door Push Stickers – Contact us for best price today


For in depth information on Steristik click here for the online PDF brochure

or visit our website www.office5star.co.uk


For bulk wholesale or bespoke branded Steristik enquiries please contact one of our friendly team 01594 810081