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All posts in July, 2013

With more and more people using mobile devices such as  mobile phones, ipads, smart phones and other pint-sized computers, more and more people are seaching on the internet using ther term “near me”.

My mother (who is 83) is an absolute whiz on her ipad and mobile phone and really enjoys using them BUT she hates the fact that my brother can hack into her account and find out where she is because she usually has some mobile device with her.  She doesnt want to be found! and hates all this Big Brother is watching malarkey and wants to go where she wants, when she wants without someone checking up thats she is OK !

Having said that, with Google searches apparently becoming more “local”,  if you want to go and pick up some A4 printer paper, a toner cartridge or try an office chair out for size, the fact that you can search for “office stationery supplies near me” is fabulous! Particulary if you may not necessarily be in your home town or not have a darn clue where you are! LOL

So lets celebrate the new technology ……….  just dont tell my mum I said so! :)


office stationery supplies near me