Xerox Never Tear Waterproof Paper

BUY Xerox Nevertear paper in the UK from our Amazon Shop

Have you heard of the  new Xerox Never Tear Water proof paper ?

Its amazing! You can print on it using your own office printer and use it for menus, maps, signs, posters, flyers in fact most things.

You can treat it as rough as you like and it still looks great which if you are in the catering or restaurant business is ideal because who after all likes to go into a restaurant with a dirty creased menu?  It kinda of puts you off your food before you start! But with the Xerox never tear paper you just wipe it clean and it looks as good as new.

Bring new dimensions to office stationery like “rugged”-”flexible” and “durable” into the mix, it makes a unique business-building applications possible. Lightweight manuals, airline tray inserts, maps, menus, luggage lables, garden plant tags, ID cards and heavyweight signage are all well within reach for the general office set-up.

With a great range of sizes and weights available there really  is a massive selection.

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BUY Xerox Nevertear paper in the UK from our Amazon Shop


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