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Office 5 Star Bottled Water SALE

With the beautiful weather continuing, keeping your workers hydrated and motivated is more important than ever.

We have some fab deals and discounts on cold drinks such as bottled water, cans of fizzie drinks, squash and the large plastic bottles to use with office water cooler machines. If youre after a bulk order, please phone us on Tel 01594 810081 and we will sort something out for you or visit our website www.officestar-group.co.uk

At Office 5 Star we have water coolers on hand for our workers plus other cold and hot drinks kept in the kitchen. After all, looking after our lovely customers in the beautiful Forest of Dean is thirsty work and even after a drive to work dodging the sheep, wild boar and deer we all need a bit of hydration before starting the day haha.

Stay cool ! …………………………..

Office 5 Star Water and Coolers


Free Dymo LabelWriter with 3 boxes of Labels – RSP 183.47 – SALE 49.99+vat :)

This offer is an absolute Gift! Just in time for printing off Christmas labels and all #stationeryhounds, you’ll be surprised what you will start labelling next. Free local delivery to Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire and as its nearly Christmas its very likely we wont charge anything for delivery in the rest of the UK – but please check first.

Papermate Flexigrip Pens – 2 for 1 Offer

For all of you who love Office Stationery and great writing pens, that are comfortable and easy to write with, then we’ve got a great offer on for you!

Buy one box of Papermate Flexigrip Pens in either blue or black and get another box absolutely FREE!

And at only £11.99+vat per box whats there not to like!


Free Local Delivery to Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire.

Contact our friendly team now on Tel 01594 810081 for further information.

papermate flexigrip

Introducing the FriXion Erasable Rollerball Pen……

  • Removes your mistakes by rubbing with the eraser stud.
  • Thermo-sensitive ink.
  • Ergonomic grip – comfy to use.
  • Refillable
  • Packed in 12′s
  • Available in Black (PEN1259), Blue (PEN1201) or Red (PEN3226).
  • RSP £35.

Special offer for November and December – ONLY £19.99 +vat.
Over 40% discount!
Contact one of our friendly team on 01594 810081 or visit www.officestar-group.co.uk to order.
Local Office Supplies deliveries are always free which includes the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Newport, Ross on Wye, Monmouth and all those places inbetween ;)

frixion large

Many businesses have their financial year end at the beginning of April
and all those files and papers need to be put somewhere safe.

Steel filing cabinets and cupboards are ideal for neatly storing all that paperwork that you still need to have access to and at prices starting from £109+vat it really is a low cost solution.

Delivery is FREE to our local area of the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Ross on Wye, Monmouth and Chepstow and for the rest of the UK there is a small delivery charge.

Please contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable team on 01594 810081 for further information or to place an order.

black filing cabinets

BUY Xerox Nevertear paper in the UK from our Amazon Shop www.officeforce.co.uk

Have you heard of the  new Xerox Never Tear Water proof paper ?

Its amazing! You can print on it using your own office printer and use it for menus, maps, signs, posters, flyers in fact most things.

You can treat it as rough as you like and it still looks great which if you are in the catering or restaurant business is ideal because who after all likes to go into a restaurant with a dirty creased menu?  It kinda of puts you off your food before you start! But with the Xerox never tear paper you just wipe it clean and it looks as good as new.

Bring new dimensions to office stationery like “rugged”-”flexible” and “durable” into the mix, it makes a unique business-building applications possible. Lightweight manuals, airline tray inserts, maps, menus, luggage lables, garden plant tags, ID cards and heavyweight signage are all well within reach for the general office set-up.

With a great range of sizes and weights available there really  is a massive selection.

Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOImhqLTDlw&feature=player_embedded

Further information or products not listed phone us on 01594 810081

BUY Xerox Nevertear paper in the UK from our Amazon Shop www.officeforce.co.uk


Water cooler promotion

Water cooler promotion

We have an amazing offer on water coolers this month! and whats more you can trial one for FREE!

Hydrated workers are productive workers, and it takes far less time to pour yourself a cup of cool water than to get a cup of tea or coffee and its better for you!


Our bottled water coolers provide a constant supply of cold and refresing mineral water. They can be located pretty much anywhere there’s a power supply and give you complete control over the quality and continuity of your water. Convenient for your staff and visitors, bottled water collers are easily installed and your regular supply of bottles comes to you on a reliablel, fixed delivery schedule which we will agree with you upfront.

Mains fed water coolers can save money by transforming your mains supply into filtered, freshly chilled drinking water. With our fixed price arrangements, one cost covers everything from installation to filters and service. A mains fed water cooler is convenient, with no water deliveries, bottle deposits, lifting or storage to think about. It will also helo keep your carbon footprint low, using less energy and reducing food miles.

No matter what type of cooler you choose, the water is always filtered to get rid of the harsh chemicals and impurities such as chlorine which are often found in tap water.

We also serve it HOT !
Say goodbye to queing for the kettle. Instant water boilers are a great option if you want instant boiling water on demand. Our automatic water boilers pass cold water from your mains supply through the Brita filtration system which is then passed through super-efficient heating elements which rapidly boil the water to the perfect temperature – 100 degress C.

As instant water heaters only boil the exact amount of water you require, there is minimal wastage. Water boilers are more effecient than conventional appliances, so not only will you save money, but you will also reduce your impact on the environment.

Talk to us today and if you talk to us before the 12th August 2013, we can let you trial a water cooler for free*!

Now you cant say fairer than that can you?!?


*T&Cs apply