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You are invited to donate much needed food to the Forest of Dean Foodbank
via our website www.office5star.co.uk.
Just add from the selection of their chosen items to your basket,
checkout and we will deliver the items to the Forest Food Bank on your behalf.
Search “Foodbank”

Free Delivery
No Minimum Order Value
No Other Purchase Necessary
Thanks for your help – Helping Local People in Crisis

Buy 3 Foodbank Items and we will Donate another one FREE !
This is a non-profit making exercise

For more information about the incredible work that the Forest Food Bank do, please visit their website www.theforest.foodbank.org.uk

Forest of Dean Food Bank Donation Charity Social Media


Back Care Awareness Week – Wednesday

Office Workers-Stand Up For Your Health !
A Public Health England report recommends we should : -

  • Try to stand/walk for 4 hours a day
  • Seated or Standing work should be broken up
  • Sit-Stand Desks were recommended
  • Posture and movement needs to be checked regularly
  • Employers should promote this healthy practise

#BackcareAwarnessWeek #DeanWye #FeelingMyAge
Any top tips for ways to action this would be welcome!


Bad back care awareness week

Take a Look a our New Delivery Van!

Feeling rather chuffed with our new #stationery delivery van. If you spot it round and about in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Monmouth, Hereford please post a pic on our Facebook page and we’ll send you a gift!

*Printer Ink Promotion*

As part of our 40th Anniversary Celebrations we have a massive Promotion on Printer Inks.

If you are buying your inks elsewhere and let us us quote you, we will send you a smart 40th Anniversary Pen and the chance to win a Canon Printer!

Contact us now on Tel 01594 810081 or follow this link to enter your printer info .

printer ink

This offer is open to the general public as well as businesses locally and the rest of the mainland UK.  Our own fleet delivers to the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Chepstow, Newport, Monmouth, Ross on Wye and Cheltenham.  Deliveries made out of this area will be by courier or post if its something small.

Dont let it ever be said that we dont enter into the spirit of Christmas by consuming as much guilt free chocolate as we can at OfficeStar!

So if youre feeling a little glum on this gloomy day why not treat yourself to a quality rollerball pen and a FREE box of After Eights – yum yum.

Free delivery for this and for all local office supplies orders.

Phone one of our friendly, knowledgeable team on 01594 810081 or visit our discount office products website at www.officestar-group.co.uk/?offers.

Now I’m off to play the After Eight game ……………………

v5 piolet after eight

We were offered the opportunity to get involved in championing the then new 5 Star Charitable Trust back in September 2013, and they grabbed it with both hands and very quickly had worthy causes interested in submitting a bid for funding.
The funds that are donated by the 5 Star Charitable Trust are raised by the sales of 5 Star branded office products , so the more that the OfficeStar Group sell, the more there is to donate to local charities and worthy causes, which is a win win situation.
We already had a few successful bids in the past that we entered on our customers behalf but when we got news that six out of the ten bids we recently put in to the 5 Star Charitable Trust had been successful, we were ecstatic !
With the total scoop amounting to over £14,000 for brilliant local causes such as the homeless, community music creation, support for families of disabled children, mental health, visual impairment and hearing loss, adults with learning difficulties, it really is quite a hoard and the time and effort that was put in by our customers and us has really paid off.
If you would like to support the 5 Star Charitable Trust please ensure you purchase the 5 Star Brand of office stationery . The OfficeStar Group welcomes applications from local customers who are interested in applying for funding.

Pens Paper and Stationery in the Forest of Dean

Many businesses have their financial year end at the beginning of April
and all those files and papers need to be put somewhere safe.

Steel filing cabinets and cupboards are ideal for neatly storing all that paperwork that you still need to have access to and at prices starting from £109+vat it really is a low cost solution.

Delivery is FREE to our local area of the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Ross on Wye, Monmouth and Chepstow and for the rest of the UK there is a small delivery charge.

Please contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable team on 01594 810081 for further information or to place an order.

black filing cabinets

Pin back your lug ‘oles and listen up to local Herefordshire Sunshine Radio and Gloucestershire Radio Breeze on 9th, 10th, 11th, 12 and 13th December 2013.

We have twelve great deals on the run up to Christmas on 5 Star Office Stationery including copier paper at ONLY 9.99 + vat a box!

Delivery is FREE to businesses within Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Monmouth, Newport and Chepstow on  any size order. Payment can be made on the website, by Paypal, all major debit and credit cards or apply for a 30 day credit account.

AND if you email with your name and address to let us know when you hear our advert, we will send you a little surprise in the post.

Now I’m off for a bit of a sing song…♫ ♫

♫ On the 1st day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me a Cash Box with a Key.
On the 2nd day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Two Metal Bins
On the 3rd day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Three Ball Pens
On the 4th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Four Correction Rollers
On the 5th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Five Reams of Paper
On the 6th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Six Ring Binders
On the 7th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Seven Coloured Box Files
On the 8th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Eight Storage Boxes
On the 9th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Nine Wirebound Notepads
On the 10th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Ten Lever Arch Files
On the 11th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Eleven File Dividers
On the 12th day of Christmas OfficeStar sent to me Boxes of Labels ♫

Check out the full 12 Deals of Christmas by visiting our online brochure
or by visiting our special offers on our website.

Look forward to hearing from you! :)



I dont want to go all romantic on you all, but the beauty of the Forest of Dean never ceases to amaze me!

I went for a walk down to Lydney docks yesterday evening with a friend. The sun was shining, which always helps, but even in the depths of winter its a wonderful place.

Anyway we were sat chatting on a bench by the side of the River Severn, just chewing the cud like you do enjoying the stillness. We heard a flock of geese noisely honking as they flew in from our right. There must have been about forty I suppose and all flying single file in a straight line. I thought they were coming down to land on the water as it looked like their little legs were running but the funny thing was they just continued up the length of the river as far as we could see, running about 30cm above the top of the water. A most amusing sight.

Now if I had one of these new fan dangled phones (rather than my trusty old £30 Nokia), I could have taken a photo for you, but thats another story! So Ive borrowed a photo for those of you who havent seen Lydney docks before.

Im off now back to the world of Office Stationery! TTFN :)

lydney harbour forest of dean