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5 star charitable trust

We were offered the opportunity to get involved in championing the then new 5 Star Charitable Trust back in September 2013, and they grabbed it with both hands and very quickly had worthy causes interested in submitting a bid for funding.
The funds that are donated by the 5 Star Charitable Trust are raised by the sales of 5 Star branded office products , so the more that the OfficeStar Group sell, the more there is to donate to local charities and worthy causes, which is a win win situation.
We already had a few successful bids in the past that we entered on our customers behalf but when we got news that six out of the ten bids we recently put in to the 5 Star Charitable Trust had been successful, we were ecstatic !
With the total scoop amounting to over £14,000 for brilliant local causes such as the homeless, community music creation, support for families of disabled children, mental health, visual impairment and hearing loss, adults with learning difficulties, it really is quite a hoard and the time and effort that was put in by our customers and us has really paid off.
If you would like to support the 5 Star Charitable Trust please ensure you purchase the 5 Star Brand of office stationery . The OfficeStar Group welcomes applications from local customers who are interested in applying for funding.

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5 Star Charitable Trust

5 star charitable trust for office supplies

5 star charitable trust for office supplies

We are thrilled to be part of the new initiative the 5 Star Charitable Trust which supports local communities and charities throughout the UK and Ireland.

This trust is funded by the sale of the 5 Star™ Office Supplies branded products and then donated to nominated local community charities.
By doing this our customers can donate money to local charities whilst purchasing their 5 Star™ Office Supplies which has a range of over 1400 products across the majority of our category ranges.

The 5 Star™ Chaitable Trust is a registered charity (number 1151151). The appointed board of trustees decide independently exactly which charities will benefit from the fund and how much each beneficiary will receive.
Beneficiaries of the trust will be registered local charities across the UK and Ireland. These will be selected annually from nominations from our customers, partners and any direct nominations from registered charities themselves.

If you would like to nominate a charity please visit or website at www.officestar-group.co.uk/5-star-charitable-trust

We hope that together we can support our local communities and improve the lives of those that need it.

The OfficeStar Team