And then there was two….

hen cropWell Monday mornings can be slow in many offices throughout the UK, but this morning is particularly slow here, well in fact I would say sluggish, No! Im wrong, its completely come to a stand still. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well the reason is our telesales girls are recovering from Emma’s Hen night in Cardiff on Saturday.

And where is Emma? Mmmmmm, well shes not at work. She is at home suffering alone but its nothing to do with the hen night (or so she says!) LOL.

They of course had a WILD night, with much laughter, dressing up (in a Disney sort of way I mean!), dancing, chatting, drinking and eating MacDonalds at 3am and many other antics I dare not put into print.

One hen went missing completely but was quickly rounded up by Woody (tee hee – get it?).

The line up was Buzz Lightyear, Woody, MinnieĀ  Mouse, Nemo, Cinderella, Princess Fiona, Tinkerbell, Tigger, Queen of Hearts and Miss Piggy.

Max and Mich had so much fun, they said they wanted to do it every weekend and did they know anyone who was getting married so they could dress up and go on the hen night? But I said, why dont you rent yourselves out as rent-a-hen-party for brides to be who either just wanted to get their party started with a bang or who were just very unpopular and didnt have any hens for their own hen party! Well theres a thought.

If anyone has any suggestions for a name for our new rent-a-hen-party venture, please let us know! And if you would like to phone in today and speak very loudly to Max and Emma, or give them some complicated problem to sort, then please DONT feel sorry for them, be my guest!

Im off to make them a vat of coffee now to wake them up. See you soon :)

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